Also known as armoires, wardrobes are an excellent solution for those who do not have enough closet space. At AFA Stores, we sell a variety of wardrobes at different price points with different features. Call (800) 617-0106 to learn how we can help.

Tips on Choosing the Best Wardrobes for Your Home While wardrobes are available in a mind-boggling array of sizes and styles, there are certain features you should always look for in any wardrobe:

Safety: For all wardrobes, but especially those designed for a children’s room, safety is paramount. Look for soft edges, sturdy materials, safety locks, and a way to anchor the wardrobe to the wall.

Organization: Storage space is important, but without dividers, organizing your items would be a tedious process. Look for separate sections for long and short hanging clothes, shelving, and a space for shoes.

Ease of assembly: Many people overlook the importance of choosing a wardrobe that is easy to assemble. Read reviews and look for the assembly instructions online to see what you are getting into.

Quality: Don’t get so sucked in by design features that you forget to check into the quality of the wardrobe. Children’s wardrobes are especially deceiving, as they are often covered with cute decorations. Prioritize the quality of the materials, and then consider working with your child to create your own fun decorations.

Call (800) 617-0106 to learn how we can help.
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