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Bed Foundations

Bed Foundations and Box Springs

A bed foundation or box spring goes underneath a mattress and acts as a support system. Its primary functions are to distribute the mattress’s weight evenly and provide some absorption for the compression involved in regular use. A well-constructed bed foundation can prolong the life of a mattress. At AFA Stores, we have foundations and box springs for nearly any style of bed. Call (800) 617-0106 to learn how we can help.

Buying Considerations Since they are designed to operate as a unit, it is generally best to buy your mattress and bed foundation together. Some mattress manufacturers void their warranties if the correct type of foundation is not used. Although they may look similar, bed foundations, also known as platforms, are not the same thing as box springs.

A box spring is a fabric-covered wooden box containing heavy coil springs. When innerspring mattresses were the norm, nearly everyone had a box spring. Today, box springs still work fine for traditional innerspring mattresses, but they do not provide enough support for heavier modern mattresses made completely or partially of latex or foam.

Bed foundations, or platforms, consist of closely spaced metal or wood slats that extend across the bed from side to side to support heavy mattresses. A box foundation encloses the slats in a box that resembles a box spring. A platform bed uses its own frame as the box.

Most bed foundations are 8 to 10 inches tall, but 4 inch or 6 inch low-profile versions are generally preferred by those with extra-tall mattresses who prefer not to sleep too far above the ground. A box foundation can be placed on the floor or on a bed frame.

Additional Buying Options Separate metal platforms that sit on the floor within a traditional bed frame are also available. Another option is to purchase wood slats to turn your metal bed frame into a platform bed. Make sure that the slats are heavy and durable, and are spaced no more than two inches apart.

If you prefer, you can even put your mattress directly on the floor. In most cases, this won’t damage the mattress. However, a bed frame or foundation can extend the life of your mattress by allowing air to circulate all the way around it.

Bed foundations and box springs can be a bit confusing, since it is important to match the foundation to both the mattress and the bed frame. Call (800) 617-0106 to learn how we can help.
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