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Curio Cabinets

Curio cabinets make the perfect place to keep your priceless valuables, as well as knicknacks, tchotchkes, and anything else you want to proudly display. We offer a wide selection of large and small curio cabinets, as well as vintage and modern curio cabinets to suit any home décor. Browse our collection of curio cabinets for sale to find the perfect option for your items and heirlooms.

Curio Cabinet FAQs

What is a curio cabinet?

Curio cabinets are cabinets used to store interesting items, artifacts, precious heirlooms, or just your favorite collection of knicknacks. They're called curio cabinets because curio is a word for an interesting and valuable item.

AFA Stores offers a wide selection of curio cabinets, so no matter what you want to display, you always find an option that suits your décor.

What goes inside a curio cabinet?

Curio cabinets are the perfect place to store valuable items and interesting treasures. Whether you're proudly displaying sports trophies, antiques from your grandparents, or fascinating artifacts brought back from abroad, you'll find a home for them in a curio cabinet.

What types of curio cabinets are available on AFA Stores?

AFA Stores offers a generous selection of curio cabinet brands and styles to suit any taste and interior. You can find curio display cabinets made to suit modern home furnishings as well as those made with a vintage charm. There are small curio cabinets suitable for trinkets and baubles, large ones for larger valuables, and mid-sized cabinets for everything in between.

What are the top curio cabinet brands?

The top curio cabinet brands available on AFA Stores include:
-Hooker curio cabinets
-Pulaski curio cabinets
-Liberty Furniture curio cabinets
-AICO brand curio cabinets
-Philip Reinisch CO curio cabinets

How will AFA Stores ship my curio cabinet?

AFA Stores offers free shipping on all items and a 30 day return policy on our deliveries. We select the best method of delivery to get you our order as quickly and safely as possible. You may also select the White Glove delivery option on any item weighing over 150 lbs, which includes two-man delivery in your room of choice.

Find the perfect curio cabinet for your precious antiques, knick knacks and more today on AFA stores.

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