Bedroom Benches

Bedroom Benches

Bedroom benches are a nice addition to any set of bedroom furniture. A bench gives you a place to sit down while getting dressed or putting on your shoes, or even to simply relax and chat with your partner. AFA Stores offers a wide range of bedroom benches to fit virtually any bedroom décor. Call (800) 617-0106 to learn how we can help.

Placement The most common spot for a bedroom bench is at the foot of the bed. It’s convenient, doesn’t intrude much into the room’s space, and serves as a nice accent piece. However, you can also place a bench just about anywhere in your bedroom. A bench beside the bed is a handy place for temporary clothing storage. A bedroom bench under a window can function much like a window seat. You can even tuck one in along a wall or beside a larger piece of furniture, such as a dresser.

Storage Bedroom benches can provide extra storage space and make your bedroom look less cluttered. Some designs have cubbies, drawers, or shelves under the bench, while others have a hinged seat that you can lift to access hidden storage. If you want to display your stuff, choose a bench with open shelving. To conceal your stuff, select a bench with drawers or a hidden storage compartment. Furniture pieces that offer both seating and storage are efficient, while a bench with a light frame and nothing underneath feels open and airy.

Style Considerations Since bedroom benches come in a wide variety of styles, you’re sure to find one that coordinates with the rest of your bedroom furniture. They can be ornate and elaborate, simple and minimalistic, or anything in between. A bench with a formal design can be an elegant accent piece that gives your bedroom some additional class. A simple wooden bench looks good in a country-style bedroom. Plain white benches go well with a cottage theme.

If your bench will be at the foot of the bed, it should be narrower than the bed, and either the height of the bed or a little lower. Designers recommend choosing a bench that contrasts with the bed and truly stands out. If you have an upholstered headboard, you might want a plain metal or wooden bench. A bench with a cushioned top contrasts with a wooden headboard and footboard. Many people also find bedroom benches with cushioned seats comfortable for sitting. However, a hard, flat top can also be used as a shelf for decorative items.

Of course, you can always use bedroom benches beyond the bedroom as well, such as in a foyer or hallway.

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