Lingerie Chests

Lingerie Chests

There are many pieces of furniture that are necessary for the home. One often-overlooked piece of furniture, however, is a lingerie chest. As the name implies, a lingerie chest is a chest of drawers that is designed specifically to hold undergarments and other intimate apparel. Of course, lingerie chests are not just for lingerie. They can hold a variety of small items. At AFA Stores, we carry a wide range of lingerie chests suitable to nearly any home décor. Call (800) 617-0106 to learn how we can help.

Protection for Your Most Delicate Possessions Lingerie chests provide a specific place for bras, panties, and other delicate items to be stored. This is much better than just stuffing them into a drawer or somewhere inside your closet. When you store these items improperly, the underwires in your bras can break down, your most intimate garments can get stained by contact with other clothing, or you may even subject these pieces to mold or other problems. Having a specific, safe place for your intimate items keeps them wrinkle-free and damage-free, extending their lifespan.

Perfect Storage for Baby Items Many people have found lingerie chests to be the perfect storage solution for small, delicate baby items. Babies grow quickly, and you may not have enough not-outgrown baby socks, onesies, cloth diapers, or other items to fill up a whole standard chest of drawers. However, you probably have enough to make them the perfect fit for a lingerie chest.

Increased Storage Space Whether you have a small apartment or a large home, chances are that you don't have enough space to store all your belongings. People just seem to have a way of outgrowing their surroundings, no matter how large they are.

Lingerie chests are a perfect way to gain extra storage space without taking up a lot of room in your home. These chests tend to be slim and narrow, so you have a great place to put things without sacrificing floor space. The tops of lingerie chests also provide room to display decorative items.

There are all kinds and styles of lingerie chests to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect one to complement your home.

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