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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps were once plain and functional. Now, they’re both practical and stylish! With our selection of lamps, you can turn your bland living room into a space worthy of a set on Mad Men. You can create a mod, stylish, well-lit area with the flip of a light switch.

Make a fashion statement using your floor lamps while flooding any room with light. We offer over 150 unique floor lamp designs to complement any look - from traditional all the way to ultra modern. Match your décor or add an eclectic touch for a focal point that “pops.” Find lamps that require standard bulbs or use super-efficient LEDs. With so many choices, you’ll have to order lamps for every room in your home.

Try everything from ultra-modern to antique lamp designs. Lumisource floor lamps are bold and fun, while the popular Medusa model features interchangeable colored glass scones for a gorgeously decadent effect. Our Lumisource pink glitter tower is a great accessory for girl’s rooms or for party lighting.

Adesso floor lamps offer a wide selection of styles for every home. Our contemporary Adesso lamps include the Pom Pom and Shimmy floor lamps. All of these floor lamps work well in a range of room styles. Keep one beside your couch for convenient reading or in that hard-to-reach dark corner. If you’re searching for a more decorative way to shed light across your home, we have models that serve both practical and decorative purposes.
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