Lexington Furniture

Lexington Furniture
Lexington Furniture

AFA Stores is proud to offer a diverse collection of pieces from Lexington Furniture, one of the most experienced and respected furniture companies in the United States. Browse our selection of Lexington bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, office furniture, and more. We have pieces from a myriad of Lexington Furniture collections, including Lexington Ariana, Laurel Canyon, Oyster Bay, Shadow Play, Twilight Bay, Carrera, MacArthur Park, Take Five, Zavala, Kitano, Kensington Place, Monterey Sands, Tower Place, Santana, and Coventry Hills.

Lexington Furniture FAQs

What type of furniture is Lexington Furniture best known for?

Lexington Furniture is one of the oldest furniture companies on the market, and they’re also considered one of the best. They’re renowned for their extensive catalog that encompasses nearly all types of furniture styles. Few other brands can produce such a dynamic array of high-quality furniture. Lexington is a trendsetter whose adaptability and innovative stylings have contributed to the label’s long-lasting stability and popularity.

The diversity of Lexington’s pieces is apparent when you browse our showcase of Lexington Furniture bar stools. The MacArthur Park Getty Bar Stool boasts a sleek blend of classic and contemporary, while the Twilight Bay Dalton Bar Stool offers a traditional swivel design with subtle curves and an exotic, hand-woven seat.

Our Lexington Furniture coffee tables display the same variety of striking details. If you have a contemporary home style, then you might enjoy the Carrera Evora Square Cocktail Table, with its minimalist construction and asymmetrical levels. If you’re infusing your home with a luxe atmosphere, then you might enjoy the Ariana Rochelle Octagonal Cocktail Table, with its step-down panels and mirror finish. You can also choose among many square and rectangular coffee tables that are equally well-crafted.

Lexington produces furniture for any style of home décor, and you can rest assured that every piece is designed with the same quality materials and strict attention to detail.

Where is Lexington Furniture made?

Lexington Home Brands is headquartered in High Point, NC, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Lexington and Hickory, NC.

The company started building furniture in Lexington over 100 years ago. Its founders wanted to utilize North Carolina’s abundance of quality wood; the company’s preference for outstanding materials holds true today. Just see our showcase of Lexington Furniture dressers, many of which feature beautiful wood grain finishes that are as tough as they are lovely.

Lexington Furniture has spent the last century refining its craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques. They currently operate wholesale showrooms in High Point, NC; trade showrooms in Denver and Manhattan; and Tommy Bahama Home retail stores in Newport Beach, CA and Austin, TX.

Are the Lexington Furniture pieces offered by AFA Stores long-lasting and durable?

Lexington Furniture is renowned for its strength and incredible durability. Our Lexington Furniture dining tables and Lexington Furniture desks demonstrate how the company is able to create pieces that are trim, sturdy, and resilient. This is furniture that’s built with artistic flair, but is nonetheless suited for everyday use.

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