Why choose between a dresser and a chest of drawers when you can enjoy the benefits of both in one compact, durable furnishing? Chessers have a small footprint and come with drawers in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of personal items. At AFA Stores, we help you get the most versatility out of your bedroom storage with chessers that offer space and flexible organizational options.

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Benefits of a Chesser Chessers are perfect for small bedrooms or studios with limited floor and closet space. Inspired by antique vanities and chests, chessers are hybrid furnishings that are taller than most dressers and wider than a typical chest of drawers. The added height allows room for more drawers and special compartments, making it easy to store small belongings such as socks, cosmetics, and jewelry.

Does your bedroom dresser double as an entertainment center? Chessers offer the convenience of a broad display surface for a TV or game console, along with small drawers or cabinets for electronics accessories. With the right setup, chessers eliminate the need for other furnishings, such as TV stands, and free up valuable space in your home.

Chesser Styles The simplest chesser styles have a basic rectangular frame with two to three columns of drawers. Choose designs with a mirror for a classic vanity setup, or try a mix of drawers and cabinets to maximize storage potential. Need more functionality? Multilevel chessers combine the best of both worlds with a single-column chest attached to a compact dresser. The open space over the dresser gives you the option to add a compact mirror.

Chessers are easy to adapt to diverse decor, and you can use them in any room to create multifunctional storage. Substitute a chesser for a side table or buffet in your dining room or kitchen, or use them in pantries, laundry rooms, and entryways to keep odds and ends neatly stored away.

Whether you're looking for contemporary, vintage, or rustic furniture, you can find chessers with the right design and construction to fit your space and budget. Complement modern decor with a sleek, minimalist chesser, or round out a traditional bedroom with decorative styles that feature antique-inspired molding and hardware. Explore a range of transitional and rustic chessers to suit coastal, industrial, or country homes. The possibilities are endless.

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