Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry Armoires

Our jewelry says a lot about us, and when it comes to precious rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, each item is personal and has tremendous sentimental value. Jewelry also holds the secret to many incredible stories. That is why your favorite collection of items deserves the ultimate beautiful jewelry armoire or jewelry cabinet. AFA Stores carries jewelry armoires as unique as you are. Call (800) 617-0106 to learn how we can help.

Design Considerations Not only are jewelry armoires sophisticated and decorative, but they are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. These jewelry cabinets look like standard chests of drawers on the outside and can store an extensive collection inside. They are frequently adorned with a soft felt lining or padding to ensure that your favorite pieces do not become damaged. They usually include a mirror inside.

Wood is the preferred material for jewelry cabinets, and some armoires are elaborate painted pieces in a range of beautiful colors and finishes. For example, a classic Queen Anne jewelry armoire in a cherry finish with elegant brass hardware has a very traditional elegance. Another jewelry cabinet might have a very feminine design with a soft ivory background and delicately painted, vibrant flowers. Jewelry armoires and jewelry cabinets can complement your interior decor or stand out as striking small pieces.

No two jewelry armoires are alike, making them almost as fascinating to collect as your precious gems and metal jewelry. Jewelry cabinets vary widely in height, from petite pieces designed to sit on top of other furniture to those that stand over three feet tall.

A statuesque jewelry armoire may even include a large full-length mirror on the outside. This exquisite design is made with ample storage space for all your precious jewelry and small personal items. It is both chic and traditionally inspired, opening to a gorgeous set of narrow shelves and hooks for all your favorite trinkets. An armoire like this stands at nearly five feet tall and is made with "practical" legs and a movable mirror.

You take great pride in wearing your jewelry pieces, and these incredible items deserve the very best in elegant storage. A jewelry armoire or cabinet is the most sophisticated and organized way to protect your gems for years to come.

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