Futons are no longer limited to college dorms and playrooms. At AFA Stores, we offer the latest futon designs that are much more updated and modern. These couch and bed combinations are comfortable, versatile and incredibly low maintenance. Add a futon to your spare bedroom, basement or even your living room! Our pull-out futons double as fashionable couches so you can have the best of both worlds.

We carry full size futons to comfortably fit two sleepers. Fashion Bed Group’s futon designs will blend in with your décor. In addition to their pull-out versatility, our futon mattresses come in multiple colors to complement your look. No more mismatched futons, mattresses and pillows!

View our futon selection and add one of these space-savers to any room. If you have a small home office, loft area or are looking for an inexpensive seating option, a futon is the piece for you. AFA Stores strives to provide our customers with the latest in home furnishings. Check out our wide array of comfortable and high-quality futons.
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