Modern Nightstands

Add the final touch to your bedroom while organizing clutter with a stylish modern nightstand. From phones to journals, keep everything you need within arm’s reach. AFA Stores offers a wide selection of bedroom furniture that’ll fit any budget and taste.

How do I choose the best modern nightstand?

With so many modern nightstands to choose from, how do you select the right one? Here are a few guiding questions you should ask yourself as you search for the best nightstand for your room: How many drawers do you want or need? While some nightstands feature three compartments to organize your bedroom clutter, others may only have one or two. How big are the drawers? Along with the number of drawers, you want to evaluate how spacious they are. After all, a bedside table is going to keep your items, including bulky books and blankets, out of sight. Do you want to have a matching set? If you want to create a cohesive look between your nightstand, bed frame, and other furniture, we recommend a bedroom setto unify your space. Ultimately, the best nightstand will depend on your personal preferences, decorating style, and room.

What size should my modern nightstand be?

When shopping for a nightstand, one of the most important factors you need to consider is its size. We recommend purchasing a modern bedside table that almost neatly aligns with the top of your bed. Since most mattresses are 25 inches tall, a 24 to 27 inch nightstand would be perfect. Luckily, we carry a diverse selection of modern nightstands that are 24, 26, and even 30 inches tall.

You should also take into account the width of your bedside table, so it doesn’t interfere with your sheets or comforter. Leave at least 2 inches between your bed and the nightstand to keep your items within reach.

What can you store in your modern nightstand?

Nightstands are a necessary bedroom staple for a reason. Not only are they stylish, but they are also incredibly functional. Modern bedside tables can provide ample storage to effectively organize your belongings and keep valuables within arm’s reach. Some of the things you can keep in your nightstand are: Alarm clock Book Chargers and cables Electronics Glasses Jewelry dish Journal And more miscellaneous items You can also decorate the surface of your bedroom nightstand with a lamp, plants, framed photos, and more.

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