Copeland Furniture Chests

Add something special to your bedroom or guest room: a Copeland Furniture Chest. These gorgeous Chests serve several purposes, from holding clothes to entertainment equipment, so they’re the right choice when you want to add an element of style combined with functionality.

Choose between several styles to create a look you’ll love. We carry Copeland Furniture Chests with retro-style, angled legs, gorgeous raised-bottom vertical dressers and much more so you can select what works for you. Each is outfitted with well-matched decorative handles for a streamlined look. Once you’ve chosen your favorite design, pick your finish. These beautiful Copeland Chests are available in several shades, from light cherry to rich maple.

All of these beautiful Copeland Furniture Chests is made from FSC-certified, sustainably harvested wood. The entire manufacturing process takes place in Vermont, so all of the Copeland Chests in our collection are American-made; that means you’re getting superior craftsmanship and the most stylish Chests available.
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